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You recently, or not so recently, moved abroad. Exciting times. Extremely busy times. Read useful books about living abroad. Stuffed extra “life-can-not-lived-without” items in the removal boxes. You prepared yourself well. Then, after the honeymoon stage of the first weeks, your mood is declining. You know it would. Sooner or later said the culture shock books, but unfortunately the shock is not over by turning the last page of a book. Culture Shock Coaching will help with transition related issues.

Culture Shock Coaching has on offer:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Intercultural presentations
  • Intercultural training
  • Intercultural training for organisations: Program offer and a quote will be sent on request.


[column width=”33%” padding=”0″]Visiting this website is worthwhile if you:

  • Are interested in and/or dealing firsthand with cross-cultural transition, also known as acculturation or culture shock.
  • Moved with your family as “the trailing along spouse” or alone into a different culture.
  • Have the feeling of not knowing all the “rules” of your new host culture, which makes you feel insecure.
  • Are feeling lonely, isolated, anxious, what is not normally you.
  • Are feeling somber, down. Lack of energy, not able to “work” through the day.
  • Are angry, disappointed and feeling left behind.
  • Feel homesick, actually thinking of going back home, even after quite some years.
  • Have stress related problems, e.g., close relationships are under strain.
  • Are living in the Potsdam/Berlin area.

But above all ……

  • You have the strong desire to live a purposeful life, enriched with new experiences from your host culture, incorporated in your own personal, social and cultural background.

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